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The basalt rocks are soft yet dark. The mountains ahead seem to gracefully fade into the light horizon beyond; gradually becoming lighter and fainter until they are nothing but blurry drapes of chiffon in the distance.

The visitor approaches; she is intrigued by the mysterious, blurry object she sees ahead. As she hikes closer, she stares at the enclosure; the vertical lines remind her of the shimmering curtains of northern lights she witnessed the night before. Her head slowly starts to tilt up towards the sky as her gaze follows each line. The building strangely reminds her of the Huldufolk tales an Icelandic local mentioned to her earlier that day; she recalls the mental images she made upon hearing the stories of the mystical dark-haired, lightly dressed creatures that hide behind the rocks.


The building appears to emerge out of the rocky hill; slightly hovering above as if held by nothing but the heavy mist below. The soft object captures the reflections of the water below, and the water reflections render the scene with vibrant hues of blue and green of the never-ending Icelandic sky.

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