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Augmented reality installation/digital 3d model

14m x 9 m x 8m (in digital/virtual space)

Land[e]scape is a digital encounter with the Canadian landscape that greeted my family and I upon arrival as a teenage immigrant, transfigured by blocks and letter fragments inspired by the Arabic Kufic font. The augmented reality installation explores my layered notion of home today as an Iraqi-Canadian and the challenges of being an immigrant in search of home in the diaspora.


The work responds to the challenges that the global pandemic continues to offer both artists and city dwellers at this moment. At the peak of the pandemic, nature and the Canadian landscape became our havens as city dwellers found refuge in local open spaces in lieu of indoor spaces. As a tribute to these places that offer us hope and relief amidst the unknown circumstances we are currently experiencing, the project brings one of these landscapes to viewers from anywhere to experience, despite traveling and social distancing limitations.

This project was generously funded by the Ontario Arts Council and the Government of Ontario

View the 3D model and try it in AR below!

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