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The Grand Reflections hotel and spa is located in the downtown area of Galt, Ontario. The four-story hotel sits on a water feature which doubles as an ice rink, creating a winter hot spot for the downtown Galt area.

Aside from bringing the local inhabitants of the city of Cambridge together by serving as a corridor between Ainslie Street and Water Street, the hotel’s 50 rooms provide an activity-filled stay for visitors to the city. The unique spa, unfolding amidst the water feature, restaurant, and gym (located on the second floor) are three amenities that serve to accommodate both hotel guests and members of the public. 


The main feature of the hotel is the spa, located on the ground floor and second floor (which is accessible from the street at this level due to the site slope). The spa unfolds from East to West consisting of rooms, such as change rooms, aqua therapy, and saunas on either side of a wide corridor. The occupants then descend into the ground level midway through the spa into the pool room. The pool room (shown on the right) is connected to the outside through sliding glass doors that surround the space. When the weather is warm enough, these doors are slid open giving swimmers a unique experience as the pool becomes almost a part of the outdoor water feature that fills up the site. The reflections created by the pool ripples and waves forming on the ceiling are what gives the hotel its name. 

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