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Goalie Mask, Transfigured 


Laser-cut taskboard, hand-cut basswood

30 cm x 26 cm x 40 cm

Following the Quebec mosque attack and the Anti-Islam protest outside a mosque in Toronto in 2017, along with the rise in hate crimes and Islamophobia that ensued after the American elections of 2016, Goalie Mask, Transfigured protects its wearer from offence. The hybrid object features the form of a hockey goalie mask, an object subject to attack within any hockey game, transfigured by an Islamic geometric pattern. In contrast with the traditional use of the goalie mask as a rigid shield, the new hybrid object, rendered delicate by the juxtaposed geometry, invites the opponent to treat it with the utmost care and responsibility.

Photos below are from the 2020 Exhibition Beauty in Islamic Art at THEMUSEUM, Kitchener ON

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