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One of the prominent features of Islamic art is its overwhelming aesthetic quality, which reawakens a sense of the infinite and eternity in the audience’s mind. Islamic art is not merely a saturated aesthetic experience; rather, it is a manifestation of ultimate beauty and its relationship to truth and fairness.

In this exhibition, the beauty of Islamic art is reflected in works by Canadian artists for whom their Islamic background is intertwined with their multi-layered cultural identities. The concept of beauty is explored through truth and its expressions beyond stereotypical traditions. The audience is confronted with Islamic aesthetic codes that are indicative of an endless beauty that brings them closer to the source of that beauty, the Creator, at any time.

This exhibition features work by Iman Alkarimi, Riyadh Matwq, Haneen Dalla-Ali, Mélika Hashemi, Behnaz Fatemi, Sana Faheemuddin, Atefeh Zarabadi. Organized by: Ati Zar and the Coalition of Muslim Women of KW.

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